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Adolescent Substance Abuse Frisco


Drugs and alcohol can affect adults, but they can also affect adolescents. Sometimes, being a teenager can be a struggle. It can be a struggle because you try hard to make friends and be cool like other kids. You sometimes lose yourself. You can sometimes lose yourself because you try so hard to be like other kids that you put yourself in uncomfortable situations. Some of those situations can include drugs and alcohol. Trying either of these can lead to Adolescent Substance Abuse. Adolescent Substance Abuse can lead teenagers on a long, dark, and scary path, which is why we need to take care of the situation now!

What is Adolescent Substance Abuse?

Drugs can take a person on a very scary and dark road. Even though some of them don’t automatically transform into drug dealers or grow up to be drug addicts. A teen putting themselves in a drug or alcohol situation is a very risky situation.

If a teenager tries alcohol or marijuana, it can have serious and negative consequences. School life for a teen can be hard, and their personal lives at home can be unbearable. These two situations and other negative situations can lead a teen to turn to drugs and alcohol.

A teen can be addicted to drugs if the drugs are consuming his or her life. The drugs can be the only hobby he or she worries about. Another sign of adolescent substance abuse is when teens decides to not do other activities. An adolescent can also turn to drugs if she or he feels unwanted. He or she can feel that everything around them is changing, such as relationships, living situations, or family bickering. There are multiple reasons why teenagers can get addicted to drugs. There isn’t one single reason why they get addicted to drugs in the first place. Drug Abuse can develop over time, but there are ways to prevent it, so teens don’t have to take that route.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Frisco


What are some reasons teens can develop drug problems?

  • Not enough parental supervision
  • Not enough communication or interaction between the parents and children
  • Bad Rules about Drugs and certain expectations against usage of drugs
  • Too much discipline
  • Not enough discipline
  • Family Drama or conflict
  • Parents are addicted to drugs or alcohol and are ok with kids being addicted

When is it time to seek help?

The earlier signs of any drug activity, the better. The goal for the parent is to be a very good observer when it comes to a teen’s life. The parents must be very careful and pay attention to each detail that is happening in their child’s life. If you notice the following signs, get help right away: A noticeable and dramatic change when it comes to either:

  • appearance
  • physical health
  • friends

If the parent or guardian believes that his or her child is involved with either drinking or using drugs, these are some signs to look for:

  1. There is physical evidence of either drugs or drug supplies
  2. Poor grades in school
  3. Bad behavior
  4. Distancing himself or herself emotionally
  5. Struggling with depression or fatigue
  6. New friends or being influenced by others
  7. Hostile or difficult to be around within the house
  8. Doesn’t care about the way he or she looks anymore
  9. Has either bloodshot eyes, runny nose, dramatic weight loss, sore throats more than usual
  10. Constantly lying about where they are after school or what they are doing on the weekends
  11. Mood, eating habits, or sleeping patterns change
  12. Memory problems
  13. Dizziness

Adolescent Substance Abuse Frisco


What can help my child?

There are several treatments that can help an adolescent who struggles with drug abuse. But there is no treatment like the one given at Access Counseling Group, located in Frisco, Texas. Access Counseling Group offers family therapy, which is extremely helpful when it comes to treating drug problems. Family involvement is key, especially in these types of situations. Access Counseling Group shows the teen how to interact with their parents and other family matters. Letting the teen interact with his or her family members increases the odds of getting long-term recovery. Not only does the teen heal, but the parents and family do as well.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Frisco

If you would like any help or need any guidance for an adolescent who is struggling with substance abuse, please contact Access Counseling today. We are here to help.