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July 13, 2016 – Audrey is handed the esteemed Ceramic Pig by the previous owner, Yasmina.

Audrey has continually exhibited the highest standards of patient care, family support, and case management. She’ll be an intern soon, and we cannot wait to see what she does for the people we help, counsel, and love.

She’s going to be a life-saver to be proud of.

Sept 15, 2015 – Yasmina, the most recent recipient of the Ceramic Pig Award! This is one of the most sought-after awards at Access; it’s voted on by the staff, and no exec input allowed.

When an employee constantly shows a dedication to our mission here, when they contribute to everyone beyond expectations, the staff sees it and wants to recognize it.

Yaz is our Front Office Superstar, being handed the award by LaChisa “Rockstar” Martin, one of our billing facilitators, and the most recent Ceramic Pig winner before Yaz.

Amanda, one of our uber-talented Front Office staff, received the coveted ceramic pig that signifies she’s the ‘Badass’ of the month.

Amanda felt the calling to go into the mission field, and considering how much she cared for our clients, their safety and their recovery, it’s no wonder this is a path she chose.

She’s always welcome here, and the memory of how she cared is still talked about here at Access.

February of 2014 – Here’s the very First Ceramic Pig Award! Casey Trolson was voted the original Ceramic Pig award by our staff for performance beyond anyone’s expectations. The person next to her, presenting it, is Irene Little, our Director and CEO.

This pic was taken in, while Casey was a part-time admin in the front office.  Since then she went full time, then was promoted to the Exec Admin position, added Education Classes to her duties, and then promoted again to her current position of Executive Staff Assistant, supporting both Irene and Lee Goff, our Vice-President of Operations.

Casey continues to set the bar way up high for performance and commitment to our mission of healing.