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Access Counseling Group, Inc, led by its Director & CEO, Irene Little, has been saving people, their careers, and lives since 2007


Irene’s Goals For Your Managers

Talking To An Employee About Substance Use Can Be One Of The Most Difficult and Volatile Moments For Your Company
It Doesn’t Have To Be

  • Identify the difference between social and problem drinking
  • Understanding Will Power is not enough when their world is falling apart
  • Know the medical consequences for everyone affected
  • How managers can support the individual without enabling them
  • ​​How you can intervene before they “Hit Rock Bottom”

Irene’s Goals For Your Company

Make sure your company has the information, resources, and awareness to protect it and grow it without stepping on the land mines that this issue can lay out there

You’ve spent countless money, energy, and training on vital employees. Let us show you how helping them can increase your bottom line, not hurt it, how to improve the struggling teammate, not throw them away

  • Show it’s more cost effective to help your employee, not terminate them
  • How helping employees translates into improved efficiency
  • Know the resources available and how to access them
  • Assist in your development of a good, legal, and relevant Workplace Drug Policy

People On Staff That Need Help With Their Loved Ones?

What is the cost for this training?

Obviously there is value, and with value there is a cost associated with it. Irene’s fees for this have ranged from $125 an hour to thousands in flat fees, depending on the needs of the company – However, if your company qualifies, if you have a sincere desire to help your managers and your employees, up until September 1st, the normal fee structure is waived. Once school starts in September, Irene’s time is committed to her facilities and other speaking/teaching engagements.

Even the best employee can be affected by family members and loved ones in trouble with substance use

We can help educate parents in your company with a brief overview of substance abuse disorder among adolescents and young people. Spouses need guidance. Friends need resources.

​We can help them with information they need, resources they don’t know about, and answer any questions they might have.

There is no “how to” guide for families affected by substance use – But there are people like Irene Little that can help guide them through this.


Founder and CEO of Access Counseling Group, Irene has worked in the field of substance use for over 20 years as a licensed chemical dependency counselor. instructor, facility owner with multiple locations, staying in constant demand as one of the most sought-after speakers in the field.

So Why Offer These Services At No Charge?

Irene’s vision has stayed constant from the first day she entered this field; recognize the problem, isolate it, address it, then heal. She’s seen too many careers lost and lives devastated because people around those affected by substance use didn’t know what to do, or waited too long. She’s seen people thrown away before anyone gave them the chance to recover.

She’s also seen those given a chance at recovery gather a strength from it, that upon entering recovery, became some the strongest and most successful team players their company had ever seen, inspiring themselves and others to reach goals they never thought possible.


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