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Addiction Speaker Booking

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Whether you’re in a school setting or a workplace, you may notice a motivational addiction speaker booking is something you desire. You remember speeches from your own childhood and other places in life that have left their imprint, and you want other people to similarly benefit from such an impactful speech. Perhaps you want something informative, not at all anecdotal. Or you might want a story with a personal touch.

Our counselors and chemical dependency professionals are trained to speak authoritatively on substance use and in ways that the audience can relate to and benefit from. We want you to benefit from a good listening experience and learn exactly how you and your coworkers, students or group can address substance use together.

Heal the unit, then the individual. Substance use is a collective, societal issue.

We look forward to your addiction speaker booking. If you have any questions about what this entails, let us know. We can customize our speaking to your needs.

Hear from the experts on chemical dependency!