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Teen Addiction Therapy Plano

Teen Addiction Therapy 

Are you desiring to help your teen with substance abuse but unsure how to begin? Are you a young adult seeking counseling and unsure where to turn? Do you have struggling thoughts that interfere with your daily life? At Access Counseling, we believe all people deserve to live a healthy lifestyle.

Centrally located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area, we offer teen counseling at our Frisco, TX facility.

With the help of our staff, family, friends, spouses, and significant others, we help teens achieve a fulfilled, healthy, and happy lifestyle.

What is teen addiction treatment?

Young adult’s brains are still growing and changing, causing a young adult to become vulnerable in participating in risk-taking activities, such as experimenting with drugs. In addition, this crucial factor may also affect how a teen responds to treatment programs designed for adults.

This is why teen counseling is offered, tailored specifically with young adults in mind!

At Access Counseling Group, we encourage long-term recovery rather than just temporary sobriety. Through our individual, family, and group therapy, we work on addressing the underlying cause of substance abuse, as well as encouraging long-term recovery and the benefits it brings, such as an improvement in relationships, motivation, success, and outlook on life.

What is teen addiction therapy like at our Frisco facility?

Our Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) holds the benchmark for other facilities to be measured by because of our passion and focus. We know the needs of teens, and we understand therapy for them is specialized, requiring the best in clinicians and individual attention. It is not about ‘telling them to change.’ It is showing them the how and why.

Our addiction therapy is not just about the substance. It is about improving interaction with family and friends and helping adolescents understand themselves to understand others. By taking the extra steps, we help teens find the knowledge and strength to win this battle.

In other words, Access Counseling wants to treat every aspect of this disease.

Family involvement is also paramount to recovery. We show your child ways to interact with the family that increase the odds of long-term recovery and help the entire family heal.

How do I know if my teen needs therapy?

Teens and young adults may portray substance abuse in many forms. For this reason, it is imperative to note vital changes which may contradict normal behavior. Such changes may include:

  • Behavior changes – you are wondering what happened to your child.
  • Late for curfew or not where he promised he would be.
  • You are finding things in their room, car, or clothes that ‘don’t make sense’ with the explanations
  • Your child often seems angry or agitated.
  • Your child often asks for money but has nothing to show for it.
  • Broken promises.
  • You often catch your child in lies.
  • A change in social groups.
  • Withdrawn from social groups.
  • Signs of hostility or depression.
  • Carelessness or avoidance of grooming.
  • Decline in academic performance.
  • Missing classes.
  • Skipping school.
  • Trouble with the law.
  • Loss of interest in favorite activities.
  • Changes in eating or sleeping habits.
  • Deteriorating relationships with family members and friends.
  • Frequently tired.

Teen Addiction Therapy Plano

Start Recovery with Access!

If you want to learn more about teen or young adult counseling, contact us or call Access Counseling in Frisco at 972-905-6574! You no longer need to battle with substance abuse alone. We are here to help! Choose a healthy lifestyle today and gain the benefits of an improved relationship and outlook on life. Our staff is excited to get you started on your path to recovery!

Please Note:

We are a Family Treatment Program, meaning we provide treatment to the entire family.  We require at least one family member to participate in the treatment process through our Family Counseling and Family Group therapy. We achieve optimum results by providing family-focused treatment.

We also work with family members while the patient is in residential treatment to prepare the family for when the individual returns home.