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Book Launch: The Book on Addiction: The Parent’s Guide to Restoring Structure and Serenity in your Home

The Book on Addiction: The Parent’s Guide to Restoring Structure and Serenity in Your Home

the book on addiction

Dr. Irene Little, founder and director of Access Counseling Group is proud to release her new book, The Book On Addiction: The Parent’s Guide to Restoring Structure and Serenity to You Home”. With over 20 years of expertise working with both adolescents and adults in recovery, Dr. Little has compiled her advice for parents of teens at any stage of the recovery process.

Understanding addiction treatment and the proper steps to recovery is a complex issue, especially when it comes to your teen. Dr. Little aims to help parents navigate this process through the new publication.

Access Counseling Group will be hosting a book launch on October 20th in Houston, TX. We invite you to join us to learn more about Irene’s book and Access Counseling Group’s mission and services!


The Book on Addiction is a guide for parents to get their lives’ and household back on track while aiding their child in the recovery process. Restore peace and serenity in your home, guided by the expertise of Dr. Irene Little. The book discusses the ways parents should process and respond to addiction disorders in teens and how to establish proper boundaries in the household. You can purchase the book here.

About Irene Little

Dr. Irene Little is a specialist within the field of addiction recovery and is a regarded speaker and clinician. Over twenty years of working with both teens and adults have given her experience with all kinds of individuals in the beginning stages of recovery.

She is a highly sought-after speaker and has trained many other addiction professionals in the field. A licensed PsyD, clinical counselor, and marriage and family therapist, Dr. Little specializes in addiction treatment and co-occuring disorders in both teens and adults. She is both the founder and director of Access Counseling Group, an addiction treatment center with locations in both Plano and Frisco, TX. Serving the entire Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area by providing treatment services and training others in the field, Irene Little continues to make an impact within the field of addiction treatment.


The Book on Addiction

Dr. Irene Little’s The Book on Addiction


According to Dr. Irene Little, the founder of Access Counseling Group and author of The Book on Addiction:

“The book is a parent’s guide to restoring structure and sanity to their home. Parents will learn about addiction and how a person’s behavior tells you what you need to know and what you need to do to improve boundaries and expectations. Parents of children with addiction often experience confusion, despair and frustration with how to help their child. Parenting a child, whether an adolescent or young adult, can be challenging but parenting a child with addiction can be perplexing and downright overwhelming. What worked for other children in family does not seem to work for this one. There is a reason for that. Parenting differently is required for children who are wired differently. This book will help you understand the differences in thinking, feeling and responding to limits and boundaries. Simply, it is an instruction on how to reclaim sanity and serenity in your home.”

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the book on addiction by dr. irene little