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We Provide Family Assisted Addiction Treatment  

in Frisco, Texas


Family Addiction treatment for teens and young adults

The staff at Access Counseling Group includes some of the best educated, most highly trained and qualified counselors and staff you’ll find anywhere. We provide family assisted treatment for both adults and adolescents struggling with addiction.  Access offers a variety of services to those families wanting to get back control of their lives. Because addiction has a profound impact on families, we provide Family Therapy and Multi-family Groups, in addition to the Individual Therapy and groups.  

We Take People from “I Need To Be Sober” To “I Want To Be Sober”

Access Counseling Group’s Director, Dr. Irene Little, has over 20 years of chemical dependency experience working with both adults and juveniles. She founded Access Counseling Group in 2007 with the intention providing customized treatement for families.  Access has been serving North Texas communities through partnerships to reduce substance misuse, improve recovery outcomes and repair the wreckage created by substance use disorders.  Our staff consists of Licensed Clinicians specializing in Substance Use Disorders (Chemical Dependency) and Family therapy.  Our patients and their families have access to our clinicians after hours if needed because we know this is not just a 9a-5p disease.  We are here to support each member of your family through the recovery process. Our clinical team will help you identify a recovery program that best fits your life. 

What to Expect at Your Initial Assessment:

Why do I have to arrive early for my scheduled appointment? 

We ask that you arrive early for your assessment so you can begin with the counselor on time.  You will have intake paperwork that needs to be complete before the clinician can see.  We want to meet with you as soon as you arrive so if you have your paperwork complete, you will only need to sign in and do a brief questionnaire when before being seen.

I am nervous, will I have to meet with you and my family member at the same time?

You will be called back to meet with the clinician and asked a series of questions to help us learn about you and your experiences and how you arrived at our door.  This is how we begin to develop your plan of action to help you heal. 

Why do I need to have my family member come to my appointment?

Once our clinician has finished meeting with you, your family member will be asked to meet with the clinician so we can learn from your family member’s perspective what has been going on and how they have been impacted.  Again, this is a family illness and as much as you want to think you are only hurting yourself, your family has been hurting too.  We will provide support to your family member at this time but not the information that you have shared – that is confidential (there are very limited reasons to share confidential information, which is explained in your intake paperwork and at the time of the assessment).

If you are meeting with us separately, why does my family member need to be there the whole time?  

Sometimes, the things we talk about can cause feelings of sadness and reveal thoughts and feelings that you have not felt safe to share before now. We want to be sure that if you need immediate support, your family member is immediately available.  This is also the first step in teaching your family member how to support you effectively without enabling you. 

Okay, then what is next?

Then, we will meet with both you and your family member and explain the plan of action that will best meet your and your family’s needs.  You will also be given an opportunity to ask any additional questions you may have.

I get overwhelmed meeting new people and in group settings, what if you recommend treatment that involves groups?

Our group rooms were specifically designed so our group sizes can only hold a maximum of 10 group members at a time.  The people in your group are kind, neat and interesting people just like you who are excited to meet you and help you meet your goals.  Most of the people in our groups are smart, well-educated, professionals and from great families just like you who understand the need for support and privacy. You will find many similarities to help put you at ease. And, we are there to help you every step of the way!

I’ve tried to get sober before, it sucks. How will this time be different?

We know getting sober is very hard.  As Dr. Little says ‘quitting is easy.. I am sure you quit every night; It’s staying quit that’s difficult’.  We have a nurse practitioner on staff to provide medication assisted treatment that will not interfere with your treatment. She can also monitor your medications for any co-occurring mental health needs you may have.  We also provide support for your whole family and provide them with the treatment necessary to make your recovery more stable.   

It sounds like you are only talking to adults, do you treat teens?

We treat many young adults who are still dependent on their parents and we work with teenagers.  Dr. Little’s favorite population has been working with teens since first entered the field of Addictions more than 20 years ago.  We love working with teens and would love to help you with your teenager.   
Onsite Drug Testing and At Home Drug Testing Supplies

Access Counseling Group employs the tools necessary to meet the treatment needs of our patients and their families onsite, quickly and efficiently.

Our facilities sell a variety of Instant Testing Products.

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