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About Us

We Provide Family Assisted Treatment Services

Meet the CEO and Clinical Director of Access

Dr. Irene Little


Irene says: I LOVE what I do! I get to help individuals identify areas of their life and relationships they would like to improve and guide them with the needed adjustments to achieve their desired outcomes. My Speech Pathology training coupled with many years of addiction treatment experience gives me a unique perspective.
As the Clinical Director of Access, I get the amazing opportunity to help families heal from the devastating effects of mental health and substance use disorders. Families allow me to guide them on their journey through recovery to discover a better version of their life and themselves. And I get to work with the BEST team who truly love and appreciate each other and their role in helping the families we serve.”
Dr. Irene Little is also one of the most sought-after clinical speakers in this field, constantly invited to speak as an expert, to teach others and to share her passion for the recovery she knows is in each individual. Irene is particularly known for her understanding of working with adolescents and their families.




Since 2007, Dr. Little has led the organization and fostered its growth from a small group of passionate professionals to one of the most respected facilities in Texas. Although Irene entered the clinical field of counseling through her work with addiction, she is also well known for working with individuals who want to take their life and career to the next level.

Meet Our Treatment Team

Mike Gasper

Clinical Supervisor, LCDC

“Success is different for everyone, yet everyone can be successful. Living a life with joy, peace and fulfillment can be hard work, but we all have a BEST LIFE waiting for us.”

Mike has been working in the addictions recovery field for the past 15 years. He prides himself on his integrity and commitment to helping others overcome their struggles. He believes firmly in the balance between support and accountability as necessary ingredients, not just to a sustained recovery, but a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Mike considers himself a lifelong learner who is always eager to add new skills and insights to pass along to his patients and their families.



Stephanie McGill

Lead Counselor, LCDC

“The best way to be happy is to turn a negative into a positive. “Don’t let anyone steal your joy and always be thankful for what you have.” -Winnie the Pooh.

Stephanie’s passion is bringing excellence to her clinical work. To her, that means surpassing ordinary standards to deliver care that is above and beyond for her patients. Her passion for excellent treatment coupled with her work ethic and compassion makes her one of the most complete therapists in North Texas. Stephanie has an incredible passion for helping people recover from substance use disorders and to regain control of their life. Her warm personality and commitment to professionalism are factors that differentiate her as a clinician.



Bridget Jaecks


Bridget is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who has been specializing in treating trauma, addiction, mood disorders and other mental health disorders for more than a decade. She excels at providing experiential therapy, group therapy and helping people recover from trauma. She works with both teens and adults and has an incredibly way of making people feel comfortable and trust the process of recovery to find their own serenity.


Chuck Jaecks


Chuck has much enthusiasm for helping people change their life. He has long been an advocate for teen recovery and has a major role in helping teens get back on track in school, find social and emotional support that extends beyond the counseling rooms. He is skilled with experiential counseling, group counseling, assessments and more. He has been assisting families in the recovery for more than 13 years.


Mary Ann Ghormley


“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Mary Ann Ghormley has a Master’s degree and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She has over ten years of valuable experience in working with teens and adults. She has worked in the areas of addiction, play therapy and couple’s therapy. Currently, she is working in experiential team-building and leadership training. These are interactive activities that challenge people to discover and gain insight into their behavior.


Jeremy Little

Insurance & Billing

“It is rewarding to advocate for our patients to get them and their families the help they need. Nothing is more rewarding than to see families healed and restored.”

Jeremy is fully versed with most insurance plans out there. He works with the insurance companies to get our patients the treatments they deserve and need. Just like the Access Counseling family, Jeremy is committed to advocate for each and every family served.

Dante R. Burgos, M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Burgos has been in private practice in the Dallas/Ft Worth area for over 25 years and serves as Medical Director for Access Counseling Group. He is board certified in child adolescent and adult psychiatry. He has worked in various in-patient and out-patient settings. He enjoys the challenges of working with dual diagnoses clients, especially in light of new developments in addiction treatment.

1980-1984 Universidad Autonomy de Guadalajara, Guadalajara, MX, M.D. (Senior year in cooperative with OSU at Grant Hospital, Columbus, OH.

1989-1990 Elected Chief Fellow, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship Program Professional Society memberships.

American Psychiatric Association. American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Examinations and Honors. American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology.

May 2004 rectified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry. Sept. 1993 Board certified in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (#3187.) April 1992 certified in Psychiatry (#35430.) Federal Licensing Examination. June 1986 Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination, February 1984.

Lisa Beaver


Originally from Ohio, Lisa has been practicing in the DFW area for the past few years specializing in dual diagnosis and medication assisted treatment for addictions. She has a talent for helping patients who have been resistant to medication compliance. She’s known by many as a dedicated and accomplished nurse practitioner experienced in addiction medicine, mental health, urgent care, family and geriatric care. Lisa is recognized as a compassionate provider and an excellent listener and she possesses strong verbal and written communication, with a meticulous eye for detail. In addition, Lisa is a key contributor and collaborator with multidisciplinary teams to provide exceptional health care. She collaborates with individuals, their treatment provider and family members to ensure the best possible care, leading to improved outcomes and increased quality of life.



Honors and Awards

Ashlyn Gill

Administrative Assistant

“What is done with love is done well.” -Van Gogh

Ashlyn offers a terrific complement to our administrative team through her insights regarding law and ethical code. Ashlyn currently attends UNT at Dallas Juridical law program and hopes to one day work in a District Attorney office. Ashlyn has spent the past 6 years in the administration field and has been with Access Counseling Group since March 2021. She enjoys working with the substance use population in a myriad of capacities while learning and understanding more of their insights.


Tyler Harano


“Sometimes the hardest and yet most freeing thing you can do is to admit to yourself and others, “I can’t do it myself.”

Tyler has been working with kids and families for the past 2 years. He believes that a supportive family system is essential to help overcome addiction. He considers that the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual life of an individual have a significant influence on their health and wellbeing. The goal is to help people find a life of love, joy, peace, and hope by bridging connections between individuals and families. When families are brought together that’s when the healing begins.



Rose Ijioma


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Mark Twain

Access Counseling Group is blessed to work with Rose serving as the company’s Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Rose offers Access a dedicated psychiatric nurse who has a deep passion for helping individuals that are looking to change their lives for the better. Rose works with the intention of allowing all patients to feel supported in their moments of need. She spends her off time challenging herself to find delectable recipes that she puts her personal touch on. Rose is currently working towards her doctorate in Nursing and hopes to graduate in 2024.


Teresa Seals

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” Maya Angelou

A certified HR specialist since 2012, Teresa brings dedication to complement our administrative staff. Teresa has taught community computer classes for over 20 years and continues to serve her community with distinction while at Access Counseling Group. Teresa finds the most rewarding aspect of working at Access Counseling Group “To work with people who are striving to better themselves and their lives”. Teresa strives to offer the best care for patients and their families and prides herself on caring for those who walk through the doors of Access Counseling Group.

Marie Hunter

Administrative assistant

A graduate of Texas Christian University, Marie has spent the better part of a 20-year career in the finance department of Marriott groups. Marie provides support and direction for our administrative staff and works in tandem with the clinical and billing departments to best provide care for our patients. Marie states, “I love being part of people’s journeys where people are doing everything they can to become their best selves.”



Love & Support Specialist

“I love meeting new people and giving snuggles to all that enter. I believe that every stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet. I look forward to coming to work because I get to do what I love, which is help people smile.”

Max is our Love and Support Specialist. He joined our Access family almost 2 years ago and has been spreading joy and comfort ever since. Max’s specialties include snuggles, acceptance, love and forgiveness.

Bo Aronina

Administrative Assistant

Bo loves helping others- no matter how big or small the circumstances! She loves organization, getting to know people, exercising, cooking and spending time with her family & furry best pal, Bonsai. She recently was awarded a scholarship to go back to school to earn her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

Family Addiction treatment for teens and young adults

The staff at ACG includes some of the best educated, most highly trained and qualified counselors and staff you’ll find anywhere. We provide family assisted treatment for both adults and adolescents struggling with mental health disorders and / or addiction. Access offers a variety of services to those families wanting to regain control of their lives. Because mental health disorders have a profound impact on families, we provide family therapy and multi-family groups, in addition to the Individual therapy and groups.

We Take People from “I Need To Be Sober” To “I Want To Be Sober”

What to Expect at Your Initial Assessment:

What to Expect at my Initial Assessment:

We ask for early arrival for your assessment. You will have intake paperwork to complete before the clinician can see you. We want to meet with you as soon as you arrive so if you have your paperwork complete, you will only need to sign in and do a brief questionnaire before being seen.

I am nervous, will I have to meet with you and my family member at the same time?

You will meet with the clinician and asked a series of questions to help us learn about you and what has motivated you to seek help now. This is how we begin to develop a plan of action to help you heal.

Why do I need to have my family member come to my appointment?

Once our clinician has met with you, your family member will meet with the clinician so we can gain their perspective and how they have been impacted. Again, this is a family illness and as much as you want to think you are only hurting yourself, your family has been hurting too. We will provide support to your family member at this time but not the information that you have shared – that is confidential (there are very limited reasons to share confidential information, which is explained in your intake paperwork and at the time of the assessment).

If you are meeting with us separately, why does my family member need to be there the whole time?

Sometimes, the things we talk about can cause sadness and reveal thoughts and feelings that you have not felt safe to share previously. We want to ensure that if immediate support is needed, the family member is immediately available. This is also the first step in teaching the family member how to support you effectively without enabling you.

Okay, then what is next?

Then, we will meet with both you and your family member and explain the plan of action that will best meet you and your family’s needs. You will also be given an opportunity to ask any additional questions.

I get overwhelmed meeting new people and in group settings, what if group treatment is recommended?

Our group rooms are designed for a maximum of 10 members. The people in group are kind, neat and interesting people just like you who are excited to meet others and help reach goals. Most of the people in our groups are smart, well-educated, professionals and from great families who understand the need for support and privacy. You will find many similarities to help put you at ease. And, we are there to help you every step of the way!

I’ve tried to get sober before, it sucks. How will this time be different?

We know getting sober is hard. As Dr. Little says, "quitting is easy.. I am sure you quit every night; It’s staying quit that’s difficult." We have a nurse practitioner on staff to provide medication assistance that will not interfere with your treatment. She can also monitor your medications for any co-occurring mental health needs. We also provide support for the whole family and provide them with the treatment necessary to make your recovery more stable.

It sounds like you are only talking about adults, do you treat teens?

We treat many young adults who are still dependent on their parents and we work with teenagers. Dr. Little’s favorite population has been working with teens since she first entered the addiction field more than 20 years ago. We love working with teens and would love to help you with your teenager.