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Amanda Hall | PR Agent

Author Irene Little to Appear on TV Show, ‘Good Morning Texas’ Irene Little, The Book on Addiction

NORTH DALLAS, TEXAS (May 14, 2019) – Dr. Irene Little, author of The Book on Addiction, will appear on WFAA morning show, Good Morning Texas, Wednesday, May 22, 2019.

Dr. Irene Little has established her expertise in the field of addiction through more than 20 years working with both adolescents and adults. Dr. Little, who recently published The Book on Addiction, is on a mission to combat the pandemic of drug abuse flooding our country. In the Book on Addiction, Irene discusses how to instill and sustain harmony in the home and has already been released for sale on and

According to Dr. Little, author and founder of Access Counseling Group: “The book is a parent’s guide to restoring structure and sanity to their home. Parents will learn about addiction and how a person’s behavior tells you what you need to know and what you need to do to improve boundaries and expectations. Parents of children with addiction often experience confusion, despair and frustration with how to help their child. Parenting a child, whether an adolescent or young adult, can be challenging but parenting a child with addiction can be perplexing and downright overwhelming. What worked for other children in family does not seem to work for this one. There is a reason for that. Parenting differently is required for children who are wired differently. This book will help you understand the differences in thinking, feeling and responding to limits and boundaries. Simply, it is an instruction on how to reclaim sanity and serenity in your home.”

Dr. Little and her team are actively exploring partnerships and opportunities to disseminate The Book on Addiction in an effort to help as many families as possible who are struggling with and battling with addiction. For more information on Dr. Little, The Book on Addiction and/or Access Counseling Group, please contact Amanda Hall, PR Agent.

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Services Available To Assist Those Struggling With Drug Addictions, Particularly Those With Opioid Addictions

Plano, TX – November 16, 2018 – Lisa Beaver has joined the Access Counseling Group team as a nurse practitioner. Her services will help many, particularly teens, who need assistance with their drug recovery concerns.

As the opioid epidemic continues to spread and become a significant concern, it is important for people to see what they can do when recovering from drug use. Lisa Beaver is looking to help those who have dealt with opioid abuse and related concerns so they can feel their healthiest and properly recovery from the struggles they have entered into.

Beaver is available to provide medication to those with severe opioid addictions. She is skilled in treating prescription misuse and alcohol cravings and assists them in handling their bodies the right way.

Beaver is a native of Ohio and has been practicing in the DFW area for the past two years. She focuses on dual diagnosis and medication treatment services. An experienced nurse practitioner, she recognizes that it is important for nurses to listen to their patients and to understand what they are going through in their lives.

Beaver holds an Associate’s in Nursing from Belmont Technical College, a Bachelor’s in Nursing from Ohio University, and a Master’s in Nursing from Franciscan University. She is an honors graduate and has become a prominent figure in the DFW community for her work in helping people with addictions.

The work provided by Beaver will help people with getting their business efforts under control while ensuring it is easier for people to grow and evolve. This work is especially critical as opioid addictions continue to spread around the DFW area and other places.

It is uncertain as to how far the opioid addiction crisis will move on for, but the work of Lisa Beaver will help with improving upon how people can recover and move on from their addictions. Beaver is available at Access Counseling Group, which currently has treatment facilities in the Plano and Frisco areas.

Contact for more information on what Beaver and the rest of the team at Access Counseling Group can do for support those who have drug addictions and need the best recovery treatments.

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Medasin - Musical Artist and Producer

“Four years ago, chill-beat boss Medasin was anything but laid back and in control. He was struggling with his mental health, addicted to drugs, running with an aimless crowd, digging a hole and throwing his ambitions into the hazy abyss. His parents, his teachers, and his well-intentioned friends couldn’t tell him anything he’d bother to hear.

Only Irene had the magic words that could make his musical soul stop and listen. Irene was his intensive outpatient program counselor at Access Counseling Group, her rehab facility in Plano, Texas. For some reason, Irene was able to convince the would-be producer that his life was worth more than escapism. Irene helped him see a future, one where he could focus his energies into his creative passions and make something beautiful. Today, he shares a 9-track album, a soothingly subtle exploration of feelings bigger than words allow. It’s beautiful, and it’s dedicated to her, Irene.”