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Rehabilitation and Family Therapy in Frisco, Texas

Treatment Program Services

Family Therapy

Research shows family involvement increases the success for individuals in treatment. Family counseling strengthens accountability and offers family members a place in their loved one’s recovery.

Families benefit from education, because we explain the methods to refrain from unintentionally enabling loved ones and how to identify and avoid manipulation.

Individual Therapy

During the initial assessment, we evaluate goals and behaviors, and identify behaviors that interfere with goal attainment. We collaboratively create an action plan based on this assessment.

Individual counseling may be suggested as an appropriate intervention to help reach goals that are specific to each person’s needs. The number of sessions per week and length of time in counseling depends on goals and progress.

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Substance Abuse
And Mental Health Assessments

The initial appointment is the most difficult. We understand that so much pain has been experienced and it is time to do something different. We strive for our clients to feel comfortable and supported, now more than ever. We do this by accurately assessing needs and providing a non-judgmental and safe environment to begin recovery.

Multi-Family Group and Counseling

Families need encouragement and support from others who understand the pain, isolation and fear that accompanies mental health and addiction, while receiving relevant guidance from a qualified clinicians. Our multi-family group provides an opportunity for family members to learn how to be more informed and how to better support their loved one while improving the quality of the damaged relationships created by the illness.

Helping families with our acclaimed Intensive Outpatient Programs

Adult Intensive Outpatient Program

The Intensive Outpatient Program offers custom, concierge treatment to help families recover from the impact of addiction. We use a team approach when developing treatment plans and high levels of accountability to support early and long-term recovery. The program includes: Individual counseling, family therapy and group counseling.

Privacy is our utmost concern, so that healing takes place with confidence and discretion. We have two adult groups, one evening and one in the morning.

Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Program

The Adolescent IOP program has long been recognized as a benchmark for other facilities, due to its passion and focus. We know the needs of teens and understand the need for specialized treatment, requiring the best clinicians and individual attention. It is not about, ‘telling them to change’, it is showing them how and why change is necessary.

DWI First Offense Class

The required education for DWI First Offense (First Offender Program) is 12 hours and is completed in 3 days. Upon completion, the required certificate is provided.

When: 4th weekend of every month (excluding holidays)

Friday – Sunday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Cost: $75

Please call to register.

Many successful people have experienced substances becoming bigger than they are. We are here to help.
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