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While it may seem less harmful than smoking tobacco or marijuana, “vaping” or smoking vapors of nicotine and THC oil can still be detrimental to one’s health. Vaping is often used as a bridge between quitting smoking and going 100 percent clean, however, some vapers never quit vaping, as it eventually provides the vapers the same thrill as smoking. Inhaling and exhaling any kind of oil alters the body and affects the function of vital organs, which is why all vapers should eventually plan to wean themselves off of vaping completely.

  1. Even when not combined with tobacco, nicotine is still a toxic substance.– Nicotine is the agent that breeds addiction to cigarettes. It is shown to raise your heart rate and stimulate your adrenaline, increasing the chances of having a heart attack.
  2. Nicotine weakens your immune system. – Consuming harmful substances directly is proven to delay your immune response, making your body
  3. Vaping is harmful to the environment. – Leftover nicotine and THC residue can be a biohazard risk when not disposed of properly. Plus, a lot of vapes and JUULs run on lithium-ion batteries, which leak harmful chemicals into natural landscapes. Not to mention, pets, children and elderly people around have to breath the vapors if you choose to vape in a public setting.
  4. E-cigarettes explode.– Last year, over 300 vapers reported that their e-cigarettes had exploded while they were charging or even while they were in use. Should it be the latter, a vaper could rack up thousands of dollars in hospital bills for burn treatments and facial reconstruction.
  5. Vaping is an expensive habit. –A tiny 30ml bottle of vape fluid can cost up to $20. On average, a bottle of vape fluid lasts a vaper a week, meaning a vaper will spend about $1,040 per year on vape fluid. That money could easily go to rent, bills or even a vacation.

Although the effects of vaping are less detrimental than those of smoking, it still comes at great cost to one’s health, as well as that of everyone around them.

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Cover photo courtesy of Nery Zarate.