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We fix the hole in your family by treating your whole family! We are here to hold your hand and walk you through the recovery process. We will help your loved one recover but you will not be left out of the process. We are here to help all of your family recover from substance use disorders and all of the pain it has caused each member of your family. We learn what your goals are for yourself and your family and we develop a plan of action that will help you achieve your goals based on what works best for you. In order to qualify for our treatment program you will need to be willing to commit to the program through attendance, accountability and involving your family in the process. Treatment involves a combination of individual counseling, family counseling, and intensive outpatient counseling programs specially designed for adults or adolescents.

Medication Management Services

Our staff Nurse Practitioner is skilled at assessing individuals who have a history of substance use disorders and other mental health disorders. She collaborates with individuals, their family members and their treatment providers to ensure accurate diagnoses and treatment for each individual patient she serves. We can provide Medication Assisted Treatment including but not limited to suboxone, vivitrol, and camperol to reduce cravings and relapse.