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Why Women Are Sober Curious

The reasons for exploring life without alcohol vary from woman to woman. Some might not like the way they feel after a wine night while others might just question why they’re drinking in the first place.

“My experience with sober curious women has typically involved people who are questioning whether they have the ability to stop drinking,” Dr. Irene Little, founder of Access Counseling and author of “The Book of Addiction: A Parent’s Guide to Restoring Structure and Serenity to Your Home, tells Organic Authority. “Often they question whether they will be better off abstaining from drinking. The motivation for this has typically been triggered by either someone mentioning they might have a problem, or gaining weight, or experiencing a consequence from drinking that they had not intended. They are not ready to commit to total abstinence but want to get support and feedback about their drinking patterns and have decided to commit to short term abstinence.”

According to Mandi Green, a wellness coach based in North Carolina, the sober curious women she’s worked with had reached a point where alcohol affected them differently than it did when they were younger. “Now, even drinking one to two glasses of wine has a much stronger effect on the way they look (bags under their eyes the next day), the way they feel (depressed and groggy the next day) and their general well being (just not feeling like themselves),” she says.

“The other common thread is that they all have a genuine concern and curiosity of why they have not been able to quit on their own, as in, they don’t understand why it’s so hard to quit, and they do not identify or feel they are alcoholics.”