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Back to School Checklist

It is almost time for the 2018-2019 school year to start up in the Metroplex! While parents may be glad their kids are going to be getting back into a normal routine, returning to school can create a number of potential relapse triggers and temptations for teens and young adults. Be prepared so you can know how to best support your child or loved one.

The new school year can present a number of new stressors for students including a new schedule, the pressure to perform well academically, social isolation, and peer pressure. It is important for at-risk teens to begin the year strong and to have a support network, accountability, and recovery plan to set them up for the year ahead. By being informed and making sure to take the right steps to create a healthy environment for your teen, parents can provide their children with the love and support they need to reach their goals and continue on the path to a life of sobriety.

At Access Counseling Group in Plano and Frisco we aim to give both parents and teens the support and tools they need to be well prepared for any potential triggers and stressors. Here are Access’s top ten tips for making sure your student stays on the road to recovery and success this school year!

  1. Communication- Having a direct-line of communication with your teen about your concerns and expectations for them is vital to keeping them accountable and feeling supported throughout the recovery process. Express your concerns and come up with a plan to combat potential relapse triggers.
  2. Support- Continue to let your teen know you love and support them throughout their journey of recovery, even when things get busy. Make sure you are giving them the opportunity to attend support groups and activities that aid them in the recovery process.
  3. Awareness- Know who your children are hanging out with and what they are doing. While many like to grant more freedom to teens as they near adulthood, teens and young adults in recovery need to be kept accountable. Keep track of your child’s friend circle, activities, and behaviors.
  4. Be Involved- While your child may be insisting on more independence, be involved whenever and wherever you can. Offer to drive them to or pick them up from school events or activities with friends.
  5. Set Goals- Help your child to set goals for both their recovery and the rest of their lives. Give your teen the tools to help them reach these goals so they can feel accomplished and stay on the track to success.
  6. Talk to your child about risks- Many young teens don’t know the effects that drugs and alcohol can have on their mind, body, and future. Make sure your teen is aware of the risks and how they can prevent falling into peer-pressure or relapse.
  7. Take precautions- Make sure you are taking measures to make your home and your child’s immediate environment safe. Look in common places kids hide drugs and alcohol and do routine drug testing if you think your child is using or at-risk for using.
  8. Be Honest- Encourage your teen to be open and honest about their triggers, feelings, and emotions as the school year begins. Respond to your teen in a kind and supportive way and offer them the tools and support they need to be successful.
  9. Know their friends- Try to get to know your child’s friends and get a sense of their behavior and activities. Encourage your child to bring friends into the home and engage with their friends to make sure your teen is not hanging out with a group that could trigger drug and alcohol use.
  10. Have a plan- If the worst does happen and your teen does use drugs or alcohol, or relapses have a plan in place so chaos doesn’t ensue. Make sure you have resources available should your teen need extra support in their journey to recovery and sobriety.

back to school plano

The thought of your teen going back to school can be both exciting and scary, but by taking the right measures you can set them up right. At Access Counseling Group, we offer support to both those struggling with substance abuse and their families. If you feel your child needs extra support as the school year begins, we offer many programs that can help them stay on the road to recovery. At Access Counseling Group, our dedicated counselors are passionate about being apart of your support network. We can help you develop strategies to prevent substance abuse and relapse in your family with our team of dedicated counselors and staff.

We have locations in both Plano and Frisco, TX and service all surrounding areas. Give us a call today to find out more about our programs and our mission to help those in recovery.

back to school plano